NOTE: ALL items sold by GWM are sold as “Collectibles” and ALL the responsibility of and for their use or misuse of any and all merchandise purchased, bartered, traded, given or sold to, is assumed by the purchaser. By buying from us you agree to ALL terms and conditions listed herein.

ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: Order by ITEM # & BRIEF DESCRIPTION. If you want to ORDER simply EMAIL the order along with method of payment or FAX your order to (717-267-1943) or call (717-264-6834) with your NAME, PHONE and catalog ITEM # and we return your call as soon as possible. NOTE: WE WILL HOLD ITEMS RESERVED via phone message/FAX IF AVAILABLE until we make contact with the customer. We are noted for FAST shipping of material. We are too busy to let orders pile up.


From one of the 50 States : We accept VISA , MasterCard, Money Orders, Bank drafts, Checks, Western Union money transfer, Cash and PayPal.

Outside 50 States : We accept VISA, MasterCard, Money orders ( with a “Redeemable at” a USA banking institution ie. American express / Chase Manhattan listed on the front of the MO) , Western Union money transfer, Cash, PayPal. (PayPal note: if using PayPal a 4% fee will be added for “currency conversion”)

PENNSYLVANIA RESIDENTS will be charged the 6% sales tax: We will accept personal checks. They have to clear our bank (2 week waiting period) BEFORE WE WILL SHIP. If you want the item sooner please send a MONEY ORDER or use a credit card. ALL ITEMS ARE HELD A MAXIMUM OF 7 DAYS PENDING RECEIPT OF FUNDS, then restocked for sale unless prior arrangements are made, such as a lay-a-way. RETURNED CHECKS FOR “ANY” REASON: $25 fee will apply on top of the regular order cost in the form of a MONEY ORDER ONLY. NO, we nor our BANK will accept another check from you.

CREDIT CARD ORDERS:    We will need your “CREDIT CARD BILLING ADDRESS” for charging verification. NOTE: We do NOT accept AMEX (American Express) or any card that goes through AMEX. Nor do we accept Discover cards.

REFUNDS: Refunds are given ONLY by business CHECK or “Credit slip” in the shop toward future purchases. WE WILL NOT REFUND TO A CREDIT CARD, unless YOU agree in writing to absorb a 5% fee from the returned amount. Thus you would receive 95% of the charged amount. Since we absorb the initial credit card fee at no cost to YOU, we simply ask you to apply any refund check to your next card bill and SAVE yourself 5%.

SHIPPING: We are a UPS shipper. Customers pay all shipping. MINIMUM UPS SHIPPING $13.50 INSIDE the 48 contiguous states. OUTSIDE the lower 48 states we ship ONLY by Post Office EMS (FAST)Shipping. If forced to ship by Post Office within the lower 48 states the following condition applies: YOU agree to do the paperwork/ follow up/ pay fees for/ lost packages.

LAY-A-WAY: As a customer service, and at no additional charge, we offer an interest free 30 day LAY-A-WAY program based on individual requirements and the cost of an item. LAY-A-WAYS carry a NON-REFUNDABLE down payment policy, and the customer ALONE is responsible to fulfill his/her obligation to pay for the item WITHIN THE “AGREED” LAY-A-WAY PERIOD or risk losing the item, deposit, along with any payments made. We have a “AUTOMATIC” card payments (we call a “secured credit card order”) can be arranged on any lay-a-way, to help everyone complete the order.

LAY-A-WAY CONDITION: We retain the right to sell ANY merchandise for which agreed “terms” (contract of payment, verbal, expressed, implied, written or otherwise) have expired. All merchandise is sold under this condition.

GUARANTEES: All items are guaranteed “AS DESCRIBED” and may be returned within 7 days after receipt for refund of PURCHASE PRICE only if WE have ERRED IN OUR DESCRIPTION, ONLY if Great War is notified BY PHONE PRIOR TO return of item. All items that have been Reduced at the request of the buyer are sold “AS IS”, NO returns or refunds. Upon receipt and inspection of the returned goods you will receive a “CREDIT” refund CHECK for the value of the returned item (shipping is NOT refundable under ANY circumstances). WE DO NOT accept ANY packages without prior approval. So please, NO SURPRISE PACKAGES unannounced, we will not accept them.

RESTOCKING FEES: There is a 30% RESTOCKING FEE plus shipping costs for: “COLLECTIBLES” ordered & canceled upon which any payment(s) has been made, OR items returned  for ANY reason OTHER than our “guarantee” of authenticity policy (which we back 100% without question), this includes you not wanting to pay “in your country VAT( Value added tax)  OR Import taxes. YOU are responsible for all taxes, not us. We maintain a reputation for standing behind everything “AS DESCRIBED”.

CUSTOMS & DUTIES: The buyer is responsible for ALL customs and duties fees levied in the receiving country on any and all purchases. If a package is abandoned in customs in the buyers country and is returned to GWM for lack of customs and or duties fees being paid by the buyer and GWM has to pay those fees plus shipping charges, the package will be held by GWM for one week. The initial buyer has one (1) week to pay those fees to GWM (plus card fees if applicable), or at the end of seven (7) calendar days the package contents become the sole property of GWM for the fees paid. The purchaser upon abandoning a package agrees to not dispute the purchase and shipping charges placed on his / her credit card for the purchase of the package contents. That it was the purchasers willful decision upon abandonment to lose any and all moneys paid using credit cards, checks and or money orders.

WE CONSIGN ENTIRE COLLECTIONS / as well as single items. We are constantly searching for quality WWI militaria. If you want to consign, TALK TO US!! We have a good selection in our catalog because we Consign a LOT of material.