Born of an ambition to have a WWI reenactment group in 1978

Our business is rather unique in that we carry mostly “one of a kind” items, thus we cannot do business like major on line stores that have piles of the same thing.  If any items item(s) are not available we will contact you and refund the money.  We set a flat rate shipping fee (US shipping only).  This rate is NOT for overseas shipping.  Please contact us via email sales@greatwar.com for order total with shipping.  Everything is sent by UPS or Priority mail so we can at least track it.

Payments can be made via PAYPAL (sales@greatwar.com) or call with your credit card number.  PAYPAL is always the best and most secure method. We ship only by UPS and Priority Mail and usually within 24 hours during business week days. We do not use first class mail since we have lost items.

If you need additional photos of any items just ask. We are also in the process of taking new and better (and multiple) photos where need (some are not that good!). Our new site  also allow us more flexibility to add additional stories on our historic and unique gun projects that we became involved in over the last 40 years. In short – our site was as old and needed updated.

Our hours of operation are approximately 0900 to 1500 Monday through Saturday. If you plan to visit the shop please call ahead to make sure we will be here. We still take unusual and scarce things on consignments. Many items in our stock come from those who are thinning out their collections and specializing in one area. We all started out in the general WWI field but as time goes by we often zero in on one favorite subject. I started in Civil War, then went to WWI and ended up in 18th century material when we got into the rare weapons of that time period to reproduce. Now we are offering some of those unique and interesting items  on the site.

who we are

WWI Original Collectibles

We are the FIRST business in the world dedicated to the WWI hobby, in both original uniforms and equipment. Great War Militaria was founded in 1982 as a direct follow-up to the founding of the WWI hobby in 1978. Most WWI reenactors that were involved in those early years will agree that Great War Miliatria made it happen.


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