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    John Darnell wanting boots, call us, my email back to you bounces.

    Now available for a limited time:    8mm MG wood tipped blanks 1600 rounds in sealed cases.
    Call Rick for details about payment and pickup. 717-264-6834
    We  accept  PayPal but do NOT try to pay until I email you with a total.
    If the ordering system is confusing, don't give up, simply email me the item numbers at    sales@greatwar.com      We do NOT ask for payment info in the ordering system, first I make sure each item you want is available, then I email you back with a total including S& H, then I ask for payment, checks, MO, credit card info, PayPal.
    We ship to MOST countries  We can NOT ship to Serbia

    If you email Greatwar and receive NO reply within two business days either my email service is blocking you, or your email provider is blocking my reply. In either case please  CALL us or FAX us or try using another email account.

    If you wish to visit Great War in Chambersburg MAKE AN APPOINTMENT.
    Do NOT expect we will be here if you show up at the front door without making an appointment. We TOO have and make appointments, for Dentist, Doctor, etc. Call ahead at least 3 days prior to the day you wish to visit.

                            GWM "CONSIGNMENT" POLICIES/ 2015

                        We have been selling consigment items and collections
                        for 40 years for our customers and other collectors
                        thinning out their collections.

                        Consignee sets sales price.

                        The Consignee tells us what they want for each item.
                        However, if we think it will bring more we will
                        go above that price so consignee makes more money.
                        Ninety percent of the time the item sells for the consignee
                        set price.
                        But just in case we also need a "minimum" price the consignee
                        will accept so we can negotiate deals, especially on
                        expensive items.
                        This gives us the latitude to accept less than the original
                        higher asking price to move the item.

                        Minimum fee is $20.00 to list anything.

                        If an item is worth less than $100, we will make a group of
                        items to come up to the $100 level if practical.


                        20% fee for all items over $100

                        Everything we sell, carries our lifetime money-back
                        guarantee with no questions asked, therefore we only list
                        items we know to be original.
                        Anything altered, but original, is described and sold as is.
                        We try very hard to make sure everything is well described.
                        We will also consign used reproduction items made by GWM
                        If the customer uses a Credit Card, or (PayPal from Overseas)
                        Credit card fees (4%) / PayPal fees come off of price sold,
                        then commission is calculated. No additional charge to
                        consignee if customer pays by check, cash, money order or
                        Western Union.


                        Payment (check / PayPal) will be sent on the last week of
                        each month after the customer has had a reasonable inspection
                        period and is going to keep the item.
                        Sales of less than $100 a month will be carried to next
                        month's sales unless we agree otherwise.

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